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== Initial discussion notes copied from Main Page ==

Just noticed comment can be added to a discussion page by editing or clicking on the + beside the edit tab. Comments are added as new sections and can be individually edited. (Soc6tjw 08:39, 1 April 2006 (BST)) Now we need to see if we can create private wikis in the system. Even if we can't it will be good to learn about MediaWiki. Incidently, this seems to be fully public. I am at home, not running VPN and not registered in any way. (Soc6tjw)

Yes the dev box is public - it also runs the chatroom and other bits. I have now restricted edits to logged-in users.

As to private cream eggs one thing I have done in the past is make a wiki page, populate it and then remove the link (which originally created it) from wherever it was. The page can still be accessed directly via its URL and edited in the usual way. probably a bit of a cheat though! See for an example. JMH.

Bold text Alex Schaefer's tutorial groups lexical decision experiment write up.


Can't find SandBox

Couldn't find a SandBox (to practice and experiment in) so here it is and linked to from Main Page. (Soc6tjw)

Editing help file empty

The Editing help page (link at bottom of screen when in edit mode) was empty so I have linked it to the editing help on the Mediawiki site. Its supposed to open in a new window so we can swap back and forth between the Leeds page we are editing and the window with the help, but this doesn't always happen. We can always right click on the link and choose to open it in a new window though.

Can't find a way to create a link to an external website that opens in a new window. I know it can be done as the The Editing help page link in edit page mode (sometimes) does this. (Soc6tjw 22:19, 31 March 2006 (BST))

Word length wiki



Just learning, so not sure where to ask this; all the help files seem to go to sources outside of LeedsWIKI and wondered whether this is an internal issue. Using the '#' symbol doesn't seem to create a numbered list as per examples/instructions, just a bulleted list. Realise last activity was a long time ago so hope this is still read! Smltfb 12:38, 11 May 2012 (BST)