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IMPORTANT please read - this Wiki is going to be closed as it is unsupported. Please copy off any pages you still require so you can place these on a School or a Faculty website.

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Welcome to LeedsWIKI

A Wiki is a web technology that allows a web site to be collaboratively constructed and edited with no specialist tools and very little technical know-how. This is of interest in learning and teaching as a wiki can offer students and educators a more active, participative relationship with web based materials.

All users with ISS user accounts can edit this WIKI - just use your ISS userid and password to log in.

For more ideas on how to use a wiki visit the SDDU resources at


Initial notes and discussion on this page have been moved to the Main Page discussion. Click on discussion tab above. Please use the discussion page for suggestions and discussion of the content and structure of this page and any other issues concerning this wiki, uses, policy, support, etc.

A good place to start is to try text entry and editing in the SandBox, the practise area, and look at the help documents in the Getting Started section below.

Getting started

This section contains links to instructions on how to edit and create new pages and how to make links from one page to another and to external web sites and other resources. To practice any of these things before adding or contributing to the main pages, you may prefer to visit the SandBox, an area to practice and experiment.

Please note, the following links will take you to external websites, you will need to return to the LeedsWIKI to create or edit your pages.

SandBox a place to try things out

Technical Resources on the Mediawiki main site

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.